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The Solage brand was created out of the desire to bring beauty and quality to areas that are overlooked by many in fashion. The creator and the brand's designer is Maja Słowikowska.

Her projects have been awarded for yearsinternationally, including in Paris, Budapest, London, Los Angeles and in Asian Taiwan. A piece of SaintShe decided to transfer her design vision to Solage products.


Our responsibility begins with the first line on the page. The products are created in the spirit of universal, timeless design. This allows them to find their way in many situations, styles and years. As a result, the life of the product on the market is significantly extended and is not subject to seasonality.


We sew in local Polish leather workshops with which we are in constant contact. This approach allows us to strengthen the local market and support companies that respect employees' rights. Our products are sewn in small quantities, which allows us to adjust production, eliminating excess production.


We obtain components from Polish suppliers and tanneries. The leather we use is vegetable tanned and is entirely waste from meat production. We intend to constantly develop towards sustainable development.

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